Monday, October 26, 2009

Social, lazy and active

This weekend B and I managed to achieve what I think is the perfect combination of social, lazy, and active. 

Friday we went to a dinner party at S&K's place which was a lot of fun.  I had some difficulty due to the noise level and the number of different conversations going at the same time ... but hopefully no one minded when I zoned out or just took a minute to myself.

Saturday B and I woke up and went for Breakfast.  I came home and promptly went back to the bedroom to lie down for a minute.  4 hours later, I woke up feeling refreshed.  The last few weeks at work have been very busy and have taken their toll.  I guess Saturday was the first day I paid for the recent long hours.

Sunday we woke up relatively early (8:30?) and were out the door at 9:10.  We drove up to the Catskills to go hiking at the Minnewaska State Park.  We took it easy during the hike and simply hiked (instead of running) for a change.  We spent 4 hours hiking in the park and enjoying the folliage.  Except for a 1 mile hike through a stream (literally trying to not walk in the water but failing) it was a lovely hike with beautiful weather and views.  After hiking, we drove to a local farm for apple cider donuts and hot apple cider. TASTY.  I hope to get another farm fresh applecider donut before the season is over. 

I'm still a bit run down from the hike yesterday, but I'd have to say it was a pretty great weekend!