Saturday, January 30, 2010

20 weeks pregnant and Nesting already!

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My nesting instincts have almost kicked in.  I'm not currently doing anything about it, but my mind is racing and I WANT to do something about it, and I want to do it NOW!  I want to buy a bassinet, to pick paint colors (but that can wait until after we find out the gender), to turn the guest room into the nursery, to start getting rid of all the crap that is laying around the apartment, to clean clean clean, to move the extra chairs in the loft to where they belong, to start cooking and freezing meals.  Maybe the first logical step would be for me to let the list maker in me loose. 

On the bright side, we FINALLY got rid of our dead and shedding christmas tree on Wednesday night.  January 27th isn't too long to keep the christmas tree is it?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

I'm a little embarassed to admit that I naively assumed at the beggining of my pregnancy that I'd be one of those women who did not get all emotional while pregnant.  I don't generally cry in sad sad movies (the scene in "My Girl" when Zelda breaks down didn't even get a sniffle from me) or where most other normal people normally cry.  In the past my tears have generally been reserved for times when I had been feeling overwhelmed and/or stressed out.  However, in the last week or two I have entered bizzaro world where I am getting wheepy over silly things, where things that would normally only make me a little upset or frustrated take me to the boiling point, and where a tiny bit of stress sends me over the edge.  The waterworks have turned into a daily thing for me.  In fact, I've had to switch to waterproof mascara recently, and that stuff is hard to wash off at night.

In other pregnacy related news, B and I will go on our "babymoon" in 4 weeks.  I must say, since we finally decided to take the vacation, the countdown has really taken the edge off the severity of my mood swings.  Now we just have to plan and book the trip.  I should be getting my renewed passport (with my new married name) in the mail any day now so our options won't be limited to domestic travel.

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Tay inna win" - Nell

It really creeps me out how when it is really windy in NYC, you can hear the high rises creaking as they sway in the wind. 

Speaking of swaying in the wind, this reminds me of the scene from the movie Nell where Nell, played by Jodie Foster, does her spinning dance while calling out "tay inna win'" (tree in the wind).  Thats how I feel right now, like I'm a tay inna win (I'm on the 34th floor of a NYC highrise).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy Pregnant Woman

I'm now 19 weeks (almost 20) pregnant, and I thought that I was going to manage to make it through this pregnancy with minimal craziness.  Up until this point, I had managed to remain fairly sane and rational (with the exception of a few episodes while we had lots of company staying with us in November, December, and January) but I now think that I am officially suffering from pregnacy related crazy.

Despite the fact that I recently swore off starbucks because they raised the price of a venti tea from $2 to $3, I was there this morning for my fix.  The barista working the register inquired whether I found the new tea different (it is now loose leaf tea).  I told her no, and she informed me that some people found it to be stronger.  I told her that that isn't necessarily a good thing because some people choose tea over coffee so that they can have a beverage with less caffeine.  She smuggly informed me that this was a bad strategy because tea has more caffeine than coffee.  Now, normally a misleading statement like that would have just rolled off me.  Yes, pound for pound, tea has more caffeine than coffee, however, you use significantly less tea leaf to make a cup of tea than you use coffee bean to make a cup of coffee.  Therefore, a cup of tea has less caffeine in it than a cup of coffee.  Normally, this internal knowledge would have been enough and I would have just ignored the barista and walked away.  But no!  Pregnant me wanted to rip this womans head off.  I was barely able to contain myself as I told her why her statement was false, and had to stomp away before I made a scene.

Leaving Starbucks I immediately realized how unreasonable I was... but it didn't make me any less furious with the woman.  Yup, I've got the pregancy crazies!

Friday, January 15, 2010

This pretty much sums it up

I am trying not to complain too much about how I'm feeling during this pregnancy (particularly now that the migraines and headaches have subsided a LOT), however, this cartoon pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Surprise, I'm Pregnant!

Yup, to the surprise of almost everyone we know, I am pregnant.  B and I are expecting our first child on June 15, 2010.  Needless to say, we are very excited!