Monday, August 10, 2015

Freezer Meals - Preparing for Baby #3

I am a very very lucky woman.  I have family from Florida and Sweden volunteering to stay with us for the first few weeks after b3 is born to help us with the day to day cooking, cleaning, and child care for b1 & b2.  This is  a wonderful thing!  However, I also know that there are times when life will be super hectic, and we will just need to have some food ready to go in the freezer so that we don't spend too much time ordering in dinners.  So, below are some of the recipes that I hope to make in the next 6 weeks to store in the freezer for those occasions.  The recipes below are tried and true.  The kids like some of these meals, but not all of them.

Freezer Meals

Also, below are some quick and easy meals that I should be able to bang out, even when I am short on time.

Easy Recipes