Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Braxton Hicks (baby bump 23 weeks)

Well, I am now 23 weeks pregnant with b3, and it seems that the braxton hicks may have started already.  It is funny how much of pregnancy you just forget.

Some of my favorite things about being pregnant:

  • AMAZING feeling/seeing life grow inside of me
  • How b1 & b2 react to the idea of their baby brothers impending arrival
  • the kicks of the baby
  • anticipation of meeting this little guy
  • strong healthy hair (it just doesn't fall out!!!)
Some of the things I hate about being pregnant:
  • Fear of another c-section
  • Heart palpitations making me feel weak
  • being uncomfortable
  • Insomnia (this just started up again about 2-3 weeks ago)
  • Heart burn
  • Not being able to play as hard with my kids
  • Swollen feet, ankles
  • feet growing an ENTIRE SIZE!!!
  • side sleeping & the back/neck/shoulder pain that comes iwth it.
So, with this pregnancy, I'm working with a midwife to attempt a VBAC.  I'm actually trying for a VBALM2C (Vaginal Birth after Laproscopic Myomectomy & 2 C-sections).  Luckily, I am working with a fearless pioneer in the midwife industry that has incredible experience.  I'm in the process of trying to hire a doula to help, but I'm having trouble deciding on who to go with.  

Photo taken by b1 - 23 weeks (up 16 pounds)

23 week selfie

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday

Because my birthday falls on a Tuesday this year, we celebrated on the 25th because we were all home. B was very sweet and went to b2's room at 4:30am to make sure he didn't wake me up early on my "birthday". Unfortunately b3 was in a kicky mood and had me up earlier than I would like, but had it not been to my pregnancy related insomnia, I wouldn't have missed the sweetest thing ever from b1 who had come to our bed in the middle of the night.

 At 7:00am, b1 wakes up and whispers to herself: "Oh! it's Mamma's birthday today". And then she very quietly crept out of bed, tip toed around the bottom of our bed and then stood next to my head (as I pretended to sleep, with my eye cracked open). She stood there very quietly for about 30 seconds with her hands clasped in front of her heart. She then took a very deep slow breath, held it in... let it out, and then silently left the room. It was sooo sweet!

 Another wonderful birthday treat is listening to b2 sing Happy Birthday. It is just so sweet and enthusiastic.   I will try to catch and share it on video today.

I also love how Beck says "Yes" and how he mixes Swedish and English. Here is a video of this!