Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hello Edema. Long time no see.

Temperatures are rising, and the edema has set in.  It is odd, but my left foot and ankle always swell more than my right.  I wonder if that has something to do with crossing my legs.  I've been trying to stop doing that lately, but some habits are just so hard to break!

More foot related news.  My feet have grown an entire size this pregnancy!  In March, my size 10 shoes were getting tight on me.  I bought myself two pairs of size 11 shoes so that I could be work appropriate and not wear flipflops all summer.  They were awesome!  So comfy!  For all of 4 weeks Womp womp :-(.  My size 11's are now tight and uncomfortable.  This foot growth is probably a combination of edema and possibly my arches getting lax).

On the bright side, this gives me license to get more pedicures and massages!  Score!  

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