Thursday, July 30, 2009

Icky Sticky boat ride

Now that B is working in JC and is no longer my commuting buddy in the morning, I'm starting to explore alternative commuting routes. When I take the Path train from Exchange Place to the World Trade Center and then north to Times Square, it takes me 45 minutes to get to work (door to door).

Today I experimented with the NY Waterway Ferry from Paulus Hook to 39th street. The walk to the boat was 5 minutes shorter than my walk to the Path, and then the boat ride was only 15-20 minutes long. However, afterwards I had to get on their shuttle bus and ride it to Times Square. Door to do this trip took 60 minutes. Plus, it cost $2 more than my normal route.

Even though I won't be taking this route on a regular basis, it was a really fun trip. The boat travels up the hudson river to Pier 79, making a quick stop in Weehawkin on the way. It was a very novel experience. Plus, everyone on the boat got a seat (which often doesn't happen on the path and the subways). The only thing that wasn't great about the actual boat ride was the weather today. It's hot and humid (78 degrees - 85% humidity), and my skirt was sticking to my legs by the end of the trip.

I would love to try this trip again sometime on a crisp sunny day.

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