Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An exercise in exercising

My arms feel like they are going to fall off. In fact, they are shaking so violently as I type this, that I am very thankful for spell check. Why are my arms so tired? Because I've finally, after two years of an extreme sedentary lifestyle, started exercising again. Today, I went to "Club Strength" at New York Sports Club ("NYSC"). The description for this class says that it is "suitable for all fitness levels" but I wish to disagree. This class is suitable for anyone who doesn't mind feeling like they are going to die while doing squats. This is my second time going to this class. The first time, my legs were so fatigued I could not walk down the stairs. Literally.

Hopefully in a few weeks my hard work will pay off and I'll be in better shape than I am now. I'd cross my fingers, but they are too tired.

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