Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Earning Adult Points

B and I are the proud owners of our very first car (yay for earning adult points). We've been together since 1999, but have always lived in cities so we've never really needed a car before. Since we moved to NJ a few months ago, we've wanted to branch out of city life. We want to go hiking and camping more often, grocery shopping at the big grocery store, apple picking, visiting family, going on spur of the moment adventures, etc. Which lead us to buying our 2002 Jetta on Monday evening. After a month of scouring ads, riding the train to parts of NJ unknown, and test driving cars -- where actual ownership was questionable, we finally found a car that we love. After a little negotiating, the price was finally right. Two days later, cashiers check in hand, the exchange was made. The next morning we left the apartment at 7:30 to get the title transferred and the car registered. Hopefully we'll take the car for its first drive in the next few days.

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