Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

I'm a little embarassed to admit that I naively assumed at the beggining of my pregnancy that I'd be one of those women who did not get all emotional while pregnant.  I don't generally cry in sad sad movies (the scene in "My Girl" when Zelda breaks down didn't even get a sniffle from me) or where most other normal people normally cry.  In the past my tears have generally been reserved for times when I had been feeling overwhelmed and/or stressed out.  However, in the last week or two I have entered bizzaro world where I am getting wheepy over silly things, where things that would normally only make me a little upset or frustrated take me to the boiling point, and where a tiny bit of stress sends me over the edge.  The waterworks have turned into a daily thing for me.  In fact, I've had to switch to waterproof mascara recently, and that stuff is hard to wash off at night.

In other pregnacy related news, B and I will go on our "babymoon" in 4 weeks.  I must say, since we finally decided to take the vacation, the countdown has really taken the edge off the severity of my mood swings.  Now we just have to plan and book the trip.  I should be getting my renewed passport (with my new married name) in the mail any day now so our options won't be limited to domestic travel.

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