Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy Pregnant Woman

I'm now 19 weeks (almost 20) pregnant, and I thought that I was going to manage to make it through this pregnancy with minimal craziness.  Up until this point, I had managed to remain fairly sane and rational (with the exception of a few episodes while we had lots of company staying with us in November, December, and January) but I now think that I am officially suffering from pregnacy related crazy.

Despite the fact that I recently swore off starbucks because they raised the price of a venti tea from $2 to $3, I was there this morning for my fix.  The barista working the register inquired whether I found the new tea different (it is now loose leaf tea).  I told her no, and she informed me that some people found it to be stronger.  I told her that that isn't necessarily a good thing because some people choose tea over coffee so that they can have a beverage with less caffeine.  She smuggly informed me that this was a bad strategy because tea has more caffeine than coffee.  Now, normally a misleading statement like that would have just rolled off me.  Yes, pound for pound, tea has more caffeine than coffee, however, you use significantly less tea leaf to make a cup of tea than you use coffee bean to make a cup of coffee.  Therefore, a cup of tea has less caffeine in it than a cup of coffee.  Normally, this internal knowledge would have been enough and I would have just ignored the barista and walked away.  But no!  Pregnant me wanted to rip this womans head off.  I was barely able to contain myself as I told her why her statement was false, and had to stomp away before I made a scene.

Leaving Starbucks I immediately realized how unreasonable I was... but it didn't make me any less furious with the woman.  Yup, I've got the pregancy crazies!

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