Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peanuty goodness

Growing up, my Grandfather always had a jar of dry roasted peanuts around. I also almost always received a jar of those dry roasted legumes as a part of my birthday present. To this day, no peanut out there holds a candle to the dry roasted peanut in my heart. Not coctail peanuts, raw, or honey roasted. Not even those new fangled flavors like heat, or sweet and crunchy.

I just bought a giant jar of dry roasted peanuts today for my flight to Sweden on Thursday. This may seem odd to most people because they serve peanuts on most flights, but they only ever serve honey roasted peanuts on airplanes, and they are just not the same. Also, you have to prepare for that all too often event where pretzles are served instead of peanuts. This pretzle phenomenon has recently become the norm, and I don't understand it. Are peanuts that much more expensive than pretzles? I guess when you are buying millions of 1 ounce bags, those pennies add up quickly.

Speaking of peanuts on planes, last year on our flight back from Sweden the crew didn't serve any peanut products during the flight because of an individual with a peanut allergy. The allergy was so severe, that they even requested that no one on the plane eat anything containing peanuts in it! I can't imagine making my way through life being that allergic to peanuts. It has to be impossible!!!

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