Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too much of a good thing

After working in a law firm for two years, I have forgotten how to relax*. It is so bad that on Saturday, B had to impose quiet time on me, and litterally had to hold me down on the couch to force me to stop for a minute (he did this very nicely by calling it "cuddling", but he still didn't let me get up).

This morning, I arrived at work at 8:00am, finished up some pending work and suddenly had some unexpected free time. Instead of just enjoying this free time, I started a second new blog: A Blog for Family Recipes!

Then, I got another assignment... finished it... and promptly wrote this entry. Yeah, I need to work on relaxing. My first instinct to tackle this relaxation issue(see, even my verbage refuses to relax) is to do yoga, accupuncture, therapy, etc... but isn't that counter intuitive? Shouldn't I be taking more OFF my plate instead of putting more on it in order to relax?

* Side bar to note: My doctor believes that is possible that one of the reasons that I lost my hearing in my left ear was due to my bodies inability to ramp down and relax. The theory is that the constant stress (even when sleeping) makes my body believe that it is constantly under attack. When attacked, the body may decide to not supply blood to certain areas of the body. Normally, the feet and the hands get shafted. Sometimes the blood vessel in your ear gets shafted, leading to hearing loss. Combine this with some possible auto-immune issues and you've got me.

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