Saturday, June 20, 2009


Because I've been working so many hours lately, and because my body has been having a lot of trouble dealing with it, B has been trying to get me to sleep as much as I can whenever I can. Last night I went to bed around 10:30. B woke up at 7:00 but had to stay in bed until after 8am. I didn't realize this, but apparently he is unable to get out of the bed without waking me up. He can lie in the bed with me for a good hour, tossing and turning and I am like that wine glass on the temperpedic bed: I do not stir. However, whenever he gets out of bed, even if he softly sneaks out without even jostling the bed, I am awake and ready to go in minutes. Turns out I have trouble sleeping unless he is there in the bed with me. I think it's romantic. I think B might find it frustrating.

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